2017 is my 20th Anniversary

Psychic & Medium Readings in Winnipeg & long-distance

As an Indigo Child I have grown up with a psychic gift. I have been Reading professionally for 20 years and now at the age of 29 have met and helped many people move forward through difficult situations in their lives.

I am a Psychic and Medium. The Readings I offer are clarifying and entertaining at the same time. However I do take my work with the other side seriously, as I've done many walkthroughs of homes and paranormal active buildings in and outside of  the City of Winnipeg.

Don't live in Winnipeg?
Not a problem, I am available and well accepted as a long-distance Reader who has Read for people all over the world, for friends and family and new comers, even skeptics. The long-distance readings I offer are completed via phone call or Skype



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